"Tailored" according to customer requirements!

Industrial sugar

The production for our industrial products is made "tailor made" according to customer requirements!
You receive your product without risk from a single source.
We procure high-quality raw materials from secure sources of supply, manufacture them with great care in a short production time and flexibly and reliably transport your goods with our long-standing partner forwarder.
Since December 2012, the Hanseatische Zuckerraffinerie GmbH & Co. KG has been certified according to the internationally recognized FSSC standard.
Since 1998 we deliver your products also in organic quality.


Industrieprodukte - Sirup

Inverted sugar syrup
In any desired concentration and inversion

Glucose Syrup
Various viscosities, carbohydrate compositions and sweetness

Mixtoses (sugar and other sugars), honey, flavors

Syrup light & dark
Syrup, fructose syrup, molasses, sugar beet syrup, dark cake syrup, malt syrup

Invert sugar cream
Light crystallized (creamy) syrup, formerly known as artificial honey. Made out of sugar, with or withour other sugar types and honey

Burnt sugar and Caramel
Various burnt sugar syrups and caramel syrups between 7,500 and 40,000 EBC as well as special mixtures

Special Syrup
Syrup made to customer specification, sorbitol syrup, molasses


Regular sugar
White sugar and Extra white sugar

Cane sugar
Cane sugar from different parts of the world as raw cane sugar or white sugar

Other sugar
Dextrose, fructose


Industrieprodukte - Zucker


Industrieprodukte - Kandis
In different grain sizes, in white and brown, regular cubes or irregularly broken crumbs
Aromatic special sugar, obtained from the syrups of the Kandis production

Organic Sugar

Here you can view and download the organic certificate.
Industrieprodukte - Bio Zucker



Invert sugar syrup • Sugar solution • Glucose syrup • Granulated sugar • Cane sugar white & brown • Burnt sugar syrup • Malt syrup



SUGAR - Made-to-measure!

For industrial products from the tank truck to standard containers such as loan containers, drums, buckets and canisters.
Fructose syrups, invert sugar syrups, cane sugar syrups
Invert sugar syrup, glucose syrup, invert sugar cream, molasses
Sugar solutions with deionized water
Humectants for tobaccos and for building materials (REACH registered)

Hellmi - Sugar made to measure

We offer a comprehensive, high-performance product range for industry and trade. Invert sugar syrups, sugar solutions and mixed syrups are manufactured according to customer requirements. We sell glucose syrups, caramel syrups and Kulör as well as various sugar and candy products.


Hanseatische Zuckerraffinerie GmbH & Co. KG

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20539 Hamburg

Telephone: +49 40 - 789 709 0

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